Composite Doors

Composite Doors

Glevum’s composite doors combine high security, thermal efficiency and durability, with no twisting, warping or splitting as with wooden doors, while still giving the traditional look of wood. Available in a variety of solid or wood effect finishes.

We can offer an unrivalled range of door designs, colour options, decorative glazing and a wide variety of door furniture to suit any style of property, from traditional character cottages to contemporary modern homes; you can be sure to find a style that can truly transform and enhance your home.

Advantages of buying your Composite Doors from Glevum:

  • High energy (thermal) rating performance.
  • High security multi-point locking system.
  • High acoustic performance.
  • Virtually no maintenance. N need to paint or varnish; simply wipe clean.
  • Free comprehensive 10 year guarantee.
  • Hugh range of colours, designs and glazing options available.
  • Each door is tailored made to your exact specifications.
  • Stylish range of door furniture.
  • Available with the Yale ‘keyfree’ entry locking system.

Colour Options: 

Composite Door Colour Options

Our Composite Door range includes:


The Suffolk Range of Composite Door

The Suffolk Range is one of the most popular designs. The Suffolk range has a single large glass panel allowing the maximum amount of light into your home.

The Norfolk Range of Composite Door

The Norfolk Range is similar to that of the Suffolk range, but with an arched glazed panel, to make a more elegant statement. Its single large glass panel allowing the maximum amount of light into your home, while the arch of the glass panel allows for a ‘softer’ appearance.

The Essex Range of Composite Door

The Essex range is one of the top selling designs, lending itself to both traditional and modern tastes. Consisting of twin glazed panels, this versatile door style lends itself nicely to Georgian and Edwardian architectural styles.

The Surrey Range of Composite Door

The Surrey range is a new range which build on the popular design of the top selling Essex range, but with subtle arched tops to the twin glazed panels.

The Bedford Range of Composite Door

The Bedford range allows for flexible glazing options. Choose from one or three glass panels according to your requirements.

The Kent Range of Composite Door

The Kent range offers you three classic styles to personalise your door. For total privacy, you can opt for a solid version with no glass, alternatively you can opt for a door with two or four glass panels.

The Sussez Range of Composite Door

Doors in the Sussex range are ideal for rural properties, as they combine style with a degree of privacy. Distinctive moulding lines focus your eye on the single glazed panel which can be customised with a unique handcrafted glass pattern.

The Gloucestershire range of Compsite Door

The Gloucestershire range offers you traditional ‘cottage-style’ doors. The Gloucestershire’s vertical ‘boarded’ appearance replicates the rustic ‘tongue and groove’ timber construction, which makes doors in this range ideal for restoration or replacement projects. Available with square, diamond-shaped or rectangle glazed panels.

The Hertfordshire Range of Composite Door

Doors in the Hertfordshire range offer a distinctive appearance, due to the slanted glazed top panels. The ‘eyebrow’ shapes create a strong visual focal point and is complimented with a wide range of exciting glazing options.

The Hampshire Range of Composite Door

Doors in the Hampshire range combine European flair with British solidarity for give a modern 21st century look. Its four offset glazed panels accept leaded, sandblasted, bevel or ‘funky’ Fusion designs for an overall creative effect.

The Dorset Range of Composite Doors

Doors in the Dorset range of

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