Double or triple glazing – which is the best fit for your home?

Posted on May, 2019

One of the major questions our customers have is the difference between triple vs double glazing: is one better than the other? So, what is the difference between double and triple glazing? Here’s the Glevum guide to take a closer look at the two glazing options, to help advise you of the qualities and benefits of both.

Double Glazing

Concerns or the environment and rising fuel costs have understandably meant more and more people are looking to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, particularly by installing double glazing for the first time or replacing old, failing double glazing. With a high-quality double-glazed seal unit such as the Glevum range, energy savings come from the heat retaining glass and the argon gas contained between the panes, absorbing both heat and noise. Double glazing is an energy efficient window type that keeps your home warmer, quieter and reduces your energy bills.

The design consists of two panes of glass to make a sealed unit, and the gap between two panes of glass provides insulation against the cold.

Double glazed windows are given a WER (Window Energy Rating) on a scale from A – G, just like white goods such as washing machines. Any new windows installed must be C’ rated or above to be classed as energy efficient and to comply with building regulations. At Glevum, we offer a range of double-glazing products rated from ‘C’ to ‘A’, to allow for energy efficiency improvements and value.

So that’s double glazing covered, but what about triple glazing?

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing can really help to improve the comfort of your home. It can reduce the cold spots within a room thanks to the lower transference of external temperature to the internal face of the glazing unit due to the additional cavity and pane of glass.

Triple glazing is constructed with 3 panes of glass within the design creating 2 sealed air cavities, enhancing its performance in many ways. It retains more heat and is 40% more energy efficient than even the top-performing double-glazing units, awarding it with the highest possible energy rating.

Triple glazing is also incredibly effective at reducing outside noise and condensation problems. Nothing disrupts a cosy night in more than external sounds invading our homes, and the 3 panes serve to block out even more noise.

Triple glazing is more difficult to break, meaning it’s safer for your home, giving you that extra peace of mind. Our Glevum range also feature a multi-point locking system as standard for extra security.

So, what are the main qualities and benefits of both glazing options?

Double Glazing

  • Double glazing has 2 panes of glass.
  • Double glazed units increase your home’s energy efficiency and can save you up too £120 to £160 each year when compared with single glazing!
  • Professionally installed double glazing units reduce outside noise, draughts and cold spots throughout your home, providing greater comfort.
  • Well-designed sealed units mean no more painting and no more repairs of ageing wooden frames, reducing your maintenance.
  • Our market-leading security features leave you with peace of mind, increasing security within your home.
  • You can choose from a wide range of styles, finishes and design details, giving your home a beautiful new look inside and out.

Triple Glazing

  • Triple glazing has 3 panes of glass.
  • Triple glazing can offer much lower U-values compared to other glazed windows, reducing heat loss within the home and positively impacting your energy bills.
  • Over 10 years, a typical home with triple glazing could save £7,000 and 47 tonnes of CO₂
  • Triple glazing can 60% more efficient than standard ‘C’ rated* windows, and 40% more efficient than ‘A’ rated* windows.
  • Triple glazing also reduces condensation by up to 80% by minimising heat transfer around the window seal.
  • Well-designed sealed units mean no more painting and no more repairs of ageing wooden frames, reducing your maintenance.
  • Our market-leading security features leave you with peace of mind, increasing security within your home.
  • You can choose from a wide range of styles, finishes and design details, giving your home a beautiful new look inside and out.

So as you can see, both double and triple glazing can add benefits to your home. They both reduce energy bills in comparison to single glazing, and our Glevum range offer you a vast range of security features and styles to make your home beautiful as well as practical.

All Glevum windows come backed with a 10-year (insurance backed) guarantee. Double glazing – allowing you to balance energy efficiency improvements and value. Triple Glazing – the ultimate in energy efficiency and noise reduction. Let our design consultant assess your current windows to match all aspects of the frame finish and glazing as closely as possible.

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