New windows and doors the key to adding value to your home?

We are a nation of home improvers. A survey by the insurer
Hiscox last March amply demonstrated this – with 15% of homeowners choosing to
improve rather than move – a fivefold increase on five years before that. If
chosen well, windows and doors won’t only be an excellent first impression of
your homes exterior, but they will play a huge role in adding character and
security, which in turn adds value.

Another positive factor for having new double or triple
glazing installed, rather other home improvements is the speed and ease at
which it can be achieved. Loft conversions and extensions can be hard work,
arduous and messy.

So whether you’ve just decided to put your home on the
market, or just looking to give your home a refresh, consider carefully your
choice and the positive impact on the value of your home.

This Glevum blog will explore how windows and doors effect a
house’s value. It will provide you with the knowledge and insight into the key
considerations that you should to think about so that you can make the most
informed decision.

Effects of double and
triple glazing

According to housing experts, the installation of double or
triple glazing throughout your home, can add as much as a 10% increase to your
home’s value. There is not only this financial gain, as the added levels of
security could even help reduce your insurance premiums.

Glevum’s made to measure windows and doors with double or
triple glazing can almost completely eradicate drafts. The modern products that
Glevum install are made to keep cold air out and warm air in.

Double or triple glazing will also increase your energy
efficiency status and can make your home more sellable. It is not unusual to
find that new double and triple glazing can be up to 40% more energy efficient
than old or failing products! There are literally hundreds of thousands of homes
in the UK where double glazing was installed to replace old wooden windows 20
or 30 years ago. The energy efficiency of these bares no comparison with the
products of today and many are starting to fail or deteriorate.

environmental impact of your home

New double and triple glazing windows and doors can not only
decrease the loss of energy from your home, but they are also an
environmentally friendly solution, reducing by up to 28% the carbon dioxide
emissions into the environment. A typical home with triple glazing could save
up to 47 tonnes of CO₂.

Peace of mind

Upgrading your windows with Glevum windows and doors means
they come backed with a 10 year (insurance backed) guarantee, offering valuable
peace of mind and a guarantee that can be relied upon. A guarantee can also be
passed on to the person buying your home upon payment of a fee to transfer the
remaining term of the guarantee. The quality of the Glevum guarantee and our
aftercare service is often a factor in why existing customers keep on coming
back to us.

Stylish and practical
– how to make sure of this

As consumers, our number one priority when purchasing new
windows and doors is often the value and savings that they can offer. Don’t
underestimate thought the importance of the look of the finished product, style
is always key. Even if you like bold or striking colours not everybody else
might! Make sure you ask yourself this question.

But you should never have to choose one feature over the
other – style and practicality of your windows and doors can be combined and
result in a complete product. The exterior of your home is not only what is
seen by all, but also what is seen by you every day. You should be proud of
your homes exterior as it becomes an extension of you. You should also have
every faith that the windows and doors you choose are of high quality. 

So, in conclusion whether you are looking to sell (and make the property more readily saleable), increase the value of your home or just improve its security, energy efficiency and comfort, is it time that you upgraded? To see the latest Glevum special offers please check here.

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