Your Questions Answered


Your questions answered

How will Glevum know that a referral has come from my firm?

Glevum will supply your staff with Glevum Preferred cards that your customers must present to get their preferential discount. Each card will carry a unique reference for your business, so that all work referred by your firm will be accurately recorded. If you choose to offer an incentive to your staff, the card will also have a place for the member of staff to write their name and this will be shown against each job on your quarterly statement.

How will I know how much commission my firm has earned?

You will receive a quarterly statement for your firm that lists all the work you have passed through Glevum Preferred and the commission earned.

Is there any limit to the commission my firm can earn?

No. You will receive 3% of all invoices issued and paid, for work that you have referred to Glevum. You do not even have to restrict your referrals to your own clients, we will pay the commission on any work that you refer to us.

Is there any work that cannot be referred through Glevum Preferred?

Glevum does not offer a service or repair service for wooden or aluminium windows or doors.

When a client is referred for a service or repair, when will Glevum recommend replacement?

When a service or repair is requested on windows, doors or a conservatory that is in very poor condition or the product is very old. Glevum may recommend replacement to improve energy efficiency and avoid unnecessary repeat repairs.

How will my staff spot opportunities to refer to Glevum Preferred?

If you sell properties you may have clients who want to improve the energy rating or visual appeal of their home to make it more attractive to potential buyers or enhance its value. Equally your staff will routinely pick up on plans of buyers e.g. “we will replace the windows or a door when we move in” or “a Conservatory would go brilliantly here”. If you let properties or manage them on behalf of landlords, then you may be authorised to arrange, service, repair or replacement of windows, doors or a conservatory or where parts are obsolete.


Rewarding property professionals

“We love nothing more than when somebody recommends Glevum. The idea behind Glevum Preferred came from our desire to thank and reward property professionals who recommend clients to us. We look forward to working in partnership with agents to make Glevum Preferred a huge success for everybody involved”.

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